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Bond-a-Braid Lingual Retainer Wire

Disponibilitate: In stoc
Cod produs: BAB2

Permanent retention is greatly enhanced using a flattened, dead soft 8-braided wire. Intra-arch splinting with this thin ribbon arch prevents torque control problems that can occur using a round braided wire for these procedures.

When bonded on the lingual of the upper incisors, a very thin rectangular wire can be adapted with little lower incisor interference.

The dead soft wire is easy to adapt and prevents inadvertent tooth movement associated with active force wires.

Bond-A-Braid is excellent for semi-permanent orthodontic splinting of the upper or lower incisors. It can be used to hold diastemas closed, maintain difficult extraction sites and solving various other tooth-splinting dilemmas.

Excellent for splinting periodontally comprised teeth.

Dimension are Metric: 0.673 mm (w) x 0.268 mm (h) / Standard: 0.02645 in (w) x 0.01055 in (h)

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